Tasting set of Swiss single-variety honeys

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With this first Swiss tasting set for single-variety honeys, we have "invented" a whole new way of enjoying honey. The set consists of a total of 5 different elements, which are combined in a beautiful wooden gift box:

1. Five different types of Swiss honey in a numbered jar (alpine rose honey, linden honey, fir forest honey, acacia honey, chestnut honey)

2. Five wooden test sticks

3. Five information and collection cards made of solid cardboard, on which each type of honey is described with pictures and text

4. A large, foldable map of Switzerland. All five honeys can be placed on it and assigned to a specific region of origin (e.g. alpine rose honey = Graubünden, acacia honey = southern Ticino, etc.). On the back of the card you will find the solution - did you guess correctly, does the linden honey really come from the Entlebuch? Along with the resolution, we provide important detailed information about each type of honey.

5. A 40-page "notebook for pleasure trips", incl. honey taste wheel, beekeeper encyclopedia and other valuable information about bees, honey and beekeeping. On many pages in the booklet you can also make structured notes about each honey that you rediscover, for example, during the holidays.

We at alpuris developed this completely new tasting set ourselves. It is an original, unique gift that is suitable for individuals as well as for groups/families etc. and offers lots of fun while guessing!

Contents: 5 x 85g honey jars, information cards, Swiss card, notebook, wooden sticks.

Origin: All honeys in the tasting set come from Switzerland.

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