Empty wooden gift box with silhouette motif for a 250g or 500g glass

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This unique gift box was specially made for alpuris with a silhouette by the well-known Bernese Oberland artist Ueli Hauswirth.

The entire production took place in a traditional family business in the Alps. Due to the extraordinarily high processing quality, the box can later be used in a variety of ways and for a long time.

Each paper cut is applied individually and by hand as a fire print on the surface of the gift box, so each box is a handmade one-off, not a mass-produced item.

As the content of this gift box, you can choose any available honey in a 250g or 500g jar from our range and order it separately. We will then deliver the complete box including honey and filling material ready-to-use to you or to a delivery address of your choice. And because we at alpuris maintain customer service at the highest level, we can also add a greeting card with 2-3 sentences of text according to your specifications free of charge.

For larger quantities (special occasions, company gifts, etc.), we can also apply a different imprint (including color, if desired).

Alpuris holds the copyright for this box and the motif.

PS: A visit to Ueli Hauswirth's website is guaranteed to be worthwhile: Ueli Hauswirth has been making silhouettes since he was 7 - for 70 years now!

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