Alpine forest honey Riod/Valais

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Some bee colonies of beekeeper Patrick Bourdin live on a terrace in the middle of the steep mountain meadow at around 1500m above sea level. There you have the alpine coniferous forest in sight, in a completely remote, pristine natural landscape. Depending on the food supply, they can visit the diverse blossoms of the mountain meadow or collect honeydew in the coniferous forest. Our honey gets its unique character, rich in aromas and minerals, from this special location. A real force!

Origin: Valais, Switzerland.

harvest 2022,
Tasting notes by Patrick Zbinden in February 2023

golden brown
Flavors: fruity (dried apricots, raspberries,
candied orange, dried figs), vegetable
(slightly resinous, slightly woody), flowery, spicy,
slightly nutty (pine nuts), slightly roasted


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