Patrick Bourdin, Val Des Dix, Wallis.

Patrick Bourdin, Val Des Dix, Valais.

  • Beekeeper since: 1980 (at the age of 15 I received the first 3 colonies from my grandfather)
  • Number of bee colonies/breed: under 50 / Carnica
  • Type of beekeeping: magazine
  • Locations of the bees: Euseigne 1000m/Val d'Hérens, Riod 1500m/Val des Dix, Essertze 2000m/Val des Dix
  • Why I am a beekeeper: "Whenever I am with the bees, I feel like I am in another world. The work is a kind of meditation for me, you forget everything else and can recharge the batteries. Fundamental for me as a beekeeper is to definitely the love for nature and for the bees."

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