Experience honey in a new way with alpuris

With our website swissalpinehoney.com we are creating a new, innovative platform for Swiss alpine honey and everything that goes with it: nature, the bees and the beekeepers.

We deal with topics such as the origin, production and shelf life of honey, the life of bees and the peculiarities of the landscapes in which honey is produced. We present all this and much more here in a transparent and easily understandable way, because every good honey also has a good story that is worth telling!

Only with this holistic approach can we ensure ecologically and socially sustainable action - for the benefit of everyone involved, from the Alps to the bees and beekeepers to the consumers.

The work on this website is constantly being continued, it is time-consuming and will never be worthwhile financially, because our carefully selected honeys are only available in very small quantities. And that's totally fine, because quality is more important to us than quantity, and enjoying nature and the variety of honey is more important than enjoying increasing profits.

With this in mind: The alpuris team wishes you enjoyable experiences!